Who we are?

Shopimin can be described as Nigerian’s preferred online retail store when it comes to quality of products and affordability. Operational offices across Nigeria, United Kingdom and in China, so far we have been able to deliver on our brand promise; A promise to deliver quality and yet affordable products and services to our customers around Africa

Our Vision

Since 2015, Shopimin’s vision has been to create smooth interactions between people and enterprises through modern and emerging technology. We hope to use new technology to solve problems and make life easy and pleasurable. Today, more than 900 customers trust Shopimin to provide goods and services, thus making a better interacting world.

History of Beginning

Recognizing the E-Commerce industry,
He began to develop people oriented plans for this new age. This meant travelling internationally to visit two (2) countries and creating our first business deal.

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Did you know?

Shopimin just announced its creating 5,000 new Virtual Customer Service jobs in the year ahead.

Our Aim

We aim to be the best E-Commerce company with a focus on giving 100% customer satisfaction guarantee by offering outstanding customer service in Nigeria.

The Dream!

Right on sight with an inner eye to have 40 fulfillment network responsible for more than 40 fulfillment centers, 18 sortation centers, and more than 70,000 full-time Shopimin employees.

Enjoy Our Services!

We welcome you into the E-Commerce store that operate as a family.

What can we do for you ?

Shopimin Assistant helps you make better decisions wherever you shop online.

Products are of high quality passed by MCI standard.

We strive to ensure goods ordered are shipped on time, usually within 24 hours in order to ensure fast delivery.

Our team of customer care are happy to listen to you whenever you need help and we strive to give the best support that must satisfy our valued customers.

Yes! Need help?

See Shopimin Assistant help page, the Shopimin privacy policy, or contact us.